Union Members:

Boz (Boz) is the Pit Man. He is also bosun, rigger, knotting and splicing, and giving valuable information to the tactician. His abilities as moveable ballast are beyond compare. He is a member Foredeck Union Local #477.
J3 (Joe) is the Mexican. Nicknamed "Jerk To Inflate", he does bow, mast, and calls the line for the start. He is the steward of Foredeck Union Local #477.
K1 (Kathy) is a new foredeck inductee on Hot Tamale . With several years of sailing in her resume, she is now getting into racing. She promises she will work out with weights and she can dish out advice as well as J2 does. She is now a member of the Foredeck Union since she delivered a case of Labatt's to the Sailng Office.
Nick is a new Foredeckie this 2010 season. Having cruised as a youngster, he is now going for the greater thrill - racing. His beer delivery skills have made him an immediate member of the Foredeck Union.

Non-Union Members:

J1 (Jeff) is the Skipper of Hot Tamale , S2 7.9 #477. So he is the primary helmsman, doing starts and upwind legs. He is often told to "Shut Up and Drive."
J2 (John) is the multi-talented tactician. He is the one we all blame for our poor performance and he gets no credit when we do well. He can sail a straight course downwind while J1 flies the spinnaker.
JT and JJ are 3rd generation sailors from the family that brought Hot Tamale back to Michigan. Racing when their busy schedule permits, they do headsail trim upwind. JJ is a bowperson in training and this is JT's first season racing.
J4 (Pumping Iron Joel) is the Main Trimmer on Hot Tamale. He has rhythm and is also the bard, with a repertoire of bawdy songs and doggerel. He has been known to instigate MOB drills, never losing cold beverage.
Grant is a new crew with Blackbeard. He has a long history of sailing and racing sailboats so he is not yet confined to a single job. He has been seen quaffing Retsina and yelling "OOPA!!" prior to Chicago to Mackinac races.
J.5 (Joel V)((Sonny)) is a new crew with the Hot Tamale Racing CpMP (Crew pre-Management Program). He has signed on for 4 months of intensive crew training in all aspects of sailboat racing management. Starting in the back of the boat on simple tasks, such as tacking, he will progress to foredeck jobs and pre-race rigging over the course of his study.
Tom is the skipper of Blackbeard. He has worked hard to help bring the boat from an e-Bay special buy up to racing condition. He has a double way of giving directions and can be loud at times. You won't be able to miss him on the racecourse.
Morgan is a new crew member this 2010 season and is learning all the aspects of fine crew work while apprenticing as a Mainsail trimmer.
John Weller joined the team in 2011. After serving on the BYC Race Committee, he decided to go to the dark side and compete in boats. As a USCG captain and lifelong sailor, his primary job is risk mitigation and tweaking controls.